Horse boarding for trail riding

Horse boarding for trail riding on Fort Robinson State Park

Fort Robinson is a horse rider’s paradise and Nebraska’s premier horse destination. There are more than 20-miles of trails in the park, plus abandoned fire service roads and additional riding trails in the 8,000 – acre Soldier Creek Wilderness to the west of the park.

There are a myriad of horse, hiking, and biking trails that join the ranch at the top of our rim (see provided link of trails) and with three access points to Fort Robinson, we offer our guests the opportunity to explore this vast State Park. We encourage our guests to bring their own horse and use the ranch for boarding and access to Fort Robinson to explore the endless beauty and serenity that it offers. The ranch does not have or offer horses to rent.

Our large corrals are equipped with wood fencing and a water tire tank; however, we do not have individual stalls or loafing sheds. Our corrals are situated within a 30-acre pasture that is barb wire fenced. Our guests can either bring their own feed or turn their horses out to pasture while staying at our ranch.

The trademark of the historic RimRock ranch house is the massive and unique petrified wood fireplace and the interior ponderosa pine logs and slabs that came directly from the ranch.

Stay tuned for rental availability of the historic RimRock ranch house.